Arcosian 1

First Arcosian skin, modeled after Freeza.

Arcosian 2

Second Arcosian skin, modeled after King Cold.

Arcosian 3

Third Arcosian skin, modeled after Cooler.

The arcosians are a super powerful race from Dragon Ball Z that started and own the World Trade Organization. Notable members of this race are Freeza, Cold, and Cooler who all appeared in the anime at some point. (with the exception of Cooler) They are the most naturally gifted beings in the seventh universe and have four available forms in Dragon Block C.

Stats increase levels rated from Normal to Outstanding Edit

  • Corpo: 1/5
  • Speed: 1/5
  • Stamina: 5/5
  • Max Ki: 4/5
  • Ki Control: 1/5
  • Ki Regen: 1/5
  • There is also a super form which you can unlock