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Welcome to the DragonBlockC WikiEdit

Dragon Block C is a mod for minecraft which is based on the Dragon Ball Z anime and the sagas. It adds a lot of new things to minecraft.


Current Update News (28th of December 2012)

I just finished an Auto Installer for these who cant install it manually

Older News (24th of December 2012):

Jin made an early HD Texture Pack Addon for DBC you might want to try it out ^^. Get it from here directly theHD Texture Pack Addon for Dragon Block C (512x,256x,128x,64x,32x)

Features now

  • Ki "Energy" system
    • Ki Charge! With own Effects and Colors for different states like super
    • Ki Jump! More then 4 block high for now
    • Ascend to Super!
    • Use Ki to make Ki Fire (it emits light)
    • As Super you can Jump higher, and Fire Stronger Kamehame Wave
    • Now you can fly! 2 times faster if Super. (This is not Creative Fly!)
    • Floating in air!
    • Dash! 2 times faster if Super.
  • The Scouter!
    • Is implemented! (You dont need my SA Addon)
    • Scouters have now own interface and Sounds
    • 4 Scouter Functions switchable by Scouter Key (The 4th Function will Not work yet)
  • New Biome and Dimension:
    • Planet Namek:
      • Namekians! And for now one type Namek building
      • It has a Namek Biome, and spawns mooshrooms and zombies.
      • With Ajisa trees. They can be planted on Namek Grass only and will grow!
      • Green horizont and green water!
    • Planet Vegeta
      • 2 Type of saiyans will spawn
      • Red horizont and red water!
  • New Blocks:
    • New DBC Tab for blocks and items
    • Namek Stone for Namekian Houses
    • Dragon Blocks: Spawn in the world in stone form. It drops a Dragon Block.
    • Namek Dragon Blocks: Same as Dragon Blocks but only in Namek.
    • SpacePod(teleporter)
    • Flying Nimbus
  • New Ore:
    • Warenai Ore and it yields a Warenai Crystal (its an original idea by me)
    • Katchin Shard Only acquired by Dragon Blocks
  • New Swords:
    • Katana
    • Brave Sword
    • Z Sword
  • New Ranged Weapon:
    • KameHame Wave
    • Kame Hame Wave Times 10
    • Ki Blast
    • Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)
    • Final Flash
    • Big Bang
    • Dodon Ray
    • Energy Disk
    • Finger Leser
    • Masenko
    • Galic Gun
    • Death Beam
    • Spirit Bomb
    • Planet Destroyer
  • New Items:
    • Senzu bean
    • Reworked Battle Armor sets in 6 color and shape.
    • Scouters in 6 color. And They work really if the Addon is Installed
    • Fighters Gi sets in Goku, Piccolo and future Trunks styles.
    • New is Vegetto style set (The Better Render is not yet compatible with it)
    • 2 type Saiyan Hair. Normal Black and Half Saiyan Purple. And can Ascend to Super
    • AlienTech Chip to make the SpacePod(teleporter)
  • New Sounds
    • For Ki Techniques
    • And for Scouter
  • New Effects
    • For every Ki Technique
  • Language Support!
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Hungarian (Magyar)

how to use Kki

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