Commands are codes used in the Minecraft chat, that can be open by default with the 'T' key, that can be used for adding tp, cheating, fixing bugs, and make things for necessary tests.

Command List Edit

Add Training Points Edit

/jrmctp (amount) [playername]Example: /jrmctp 32000

Level Up Stats Edit

/jrmca (set or add) (attribute or all) (amount or max) [playername]

Example: /jrmca set all max

Change Alignment Edit

/jrmca (set) (alignment) (amount) [playername]

Values for each alignment: Good-100, Neutral-50, Evil-1

Example: /jrmca set alignment 100

Find Locations Edit

/dbc loc or /dbc locations

Example: /dbc loc

Start New Character Edit

/jrmc startnew

Reset Storyline Edit

/dbcsaga reset [playername]

Respawn Buildings Edit

/dbcbuildings respawn

Spawn Mod Mob Edit

/dbcspawn (mob name)

Example: /dbcspawn dfggdgdgdgnappa

See the Mob List here