The interplanetary travel GUI is a menu, found in the space pod, that allows travel to different worlds( worlds in perspective of the anime and story of the mod, dimensions, in the view of mine craft mechanics.

Currently the GUI can take you to 3 places:





You assess it in the space pod by clicking the change Ki attack button (Usually mouse wheel Click) while inside a space pod.

Menu (GUI Graphical User Interface)

The interplanetary travel menu(GUI) has 2 states:


INterplanetry GUI off

When Off you can only turn it on or exit with the escape key.

The list of planets you is visit are viable however.


Interplantery GUI on

When it's on the planet list is still viable but 3 buttons light up with the numbers 1, 2, 3. also clear off and start show up.

Buttons and displays:

Planet list:

Planet list

The list that shows the planets you can visit. It is in both menus and looks like it can be added too.

ON button:

On button

Is only present in the Off menu. Turns on all the other buttons.

1-3 buttons:

123 button

They select witch planet to travel to. You can tell were your going based on the list,

1: Namek

2: vegeta

3: earth.

Clear button:

Clear button

this button Unselects witch ever planet you picked.

Why this is necessary is unknown, since you can click the planet you meant to pick instead, without clicking clear, and you will still go their. However it is still the only way to make the travel menu set to no destination other then closing it completely.

Off button:

Off button

Closes out of the interplanetary travel GUI completely and return you to you normal view.

Start Button:

Start button

When a planet is selected it relocates the planet and the pod to that planet.

If not it closes the Gui and the pod goes no were.


travel was once done through teleportation objects and not the GUI in older versions.

Mine craft Dimensions info :