Jin is the creator of the mod. Orr it's his website. if hes even a he? O_O (Im not trying very hard right now sorry jut had this idea abotu deconstructing his site then posting all revlevnt info here... I got overwhlemd X_X)

Other mods:

Jin makes other mods and an interesting thing about them all is they all seem to ork eith one another. You can probably find referances to many of them thorught this iwki witch is just about dragon block alone.

Naruto C: mad on almost the same principals as Dragon block C but ith naruto lore and items

Years C: adding aging to minecraft.

Family C: adds the ability to creat family units and be a girl in minecraft. (I gues you coul be a girl the whol time but it adds a female model? I dunno I dont wana get in troubel T_T)

HD skins mod: O_O Imma level with you. I have NO idea what this does.... I'm tired DX

Jin Ryuus website:

Is the website in wich Jinn posts his mods, info about them, recipecs, updates, and has a fourm for uestoins ont them. Not Everything is posted bout the mods their but its a good place to start if you cant find the awnsers here. Well after out fourms of course. WHAt? aren't I SUPPOSED to self Promote this site?