The creator of the Dragon Block C mod is Jin Ryuu.

Jin Ryuus website -

Other mods:

Jin has released many other mods, which are...

Naruto C: Made on almost the same principals as Dragon block C but with naruto lore and items.

Years C: Adding aging to minecraft. You start off as a kid, that is around 1 block high.

Family C: Adds the ability to create family units and be a girl to minecraft.

HD skins mod: A mod that as the name suggests, allows you to use High definition skins for you, the player. You can use it by signing in to Jins website and go to the "MORE" menu. You will see a "HD Skin Upload Page" link. There you will be allowed to upload an image, that has a WAY larger size, then even a 512x512 resource pack! But the best thing about this mod, is that compare to a resource pack is that other player WILL be able to see your uploaded HD skin.

Is the website in which Jin posts his mods, info about them, recipes, updates, and has a fourm.