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Ki attacks are the other half of the attacks you get in DBO and their effectiveness and use is decided by a number of variables.


Their have different versions of the Ki attack system as the mods has developed from beginning to now.

Version 1Edit

Main article: Ki attacks (Ver 1)

This version of the Ki attack system involved a Ki pool whose size as in relational to you mine craft EXP and Ki attacks crafted in tfuckcrafting bench and used like a bow that use Ki as arrows. It was made almost entirely of moves from the franchise.

Version 2Edit

Main article: Ki attacks Ver2

This version was made after the mods RPG elements where more refined, and relied on you making your own moves with a list of variables to choose from. In the transition from more mine craft based to its own system, Moves from the Franchise where Removed, though they Began to be reintroduced as the System transitioned from Version 2 to 3. tageule

Version 3Edit

The Current Version of the Ki attack system. It features a more simplified version of the Ki creation system, and a Healthy supply of franchise based moves.

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