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Welcome to the Starting out in Dragon Block C guide.

Here we'll learn how to... start out in dragon block C.....


Welcome to Dragon Block C

Basic controls:

Ki Charge: c

Fly: F

Dragon Block Menu: V

Scouter: f4

Transformation: A

Action Menu: X

Turbo Mode: R

Note: Because of the new version, you still need to configure your jinryuujrmcore.cfg in your .minecraft/config folder, if you would like to enable Energy Charging.

Then, you have to find:  # Server Sided! If 'false' then the current 'no energy charge only release' will be used, If 'true' then the one key press and hold (C) charge will be available. (may reduce lag if false)    B:"Old Energy Charge"=false and change the '  "Old Energy Charge"=false  ' into '  "Old Energy Charge"=true  '.


Seriously? I have to explain how to install it? SIggghhhhhhh.

OK first things first. Their are a lot of versions of Dragon Block C. A LOT a lot. Jinn Ryuu [Citation: is Jin Ryuu the only developer?] likes to make a lot of features and nearly every time one i sorta complete Their will be an update, much to the fans delight. This doesn't all ways leave it the mot stable though...

Also I admit their are versions of this mod I haven't played so this might not Hold true for all of them but for all the versions of the mod I've ever played,

And this is an important note, You need Jin Ryuu mod core to RUN the mod at ALL, and you need Jin Ryuus Better Rendering Addon for ANY of the VISUAL effects to work at ALL.

That's about all the preface you'll need lets get into it.

Selecting A mod VersionEdit

First you got to Jin Ryuus website, then To either the Downloads section, or the dragon Block C section and from their go to the Dragon Block downloads section. On either download page you can pick the minecraft version you'd like to use near the top. From their scroll down the page to see the different versions of the mod. at first it will only show one version unless you click show old versions at the bottom of the page.

In between the selector for mine craft version and the mod releases, theirs the filter option. It's interesting to not that even though you took two different path to get to the download page it's the same page. Just if you go through the dragon Block C mod page, the downloads page will automatically filter out all mods besides Dragon Block C and the mods needed to run it. (and a link to the forge version it uses.)

As said earlier their are a lot of mod releases, and not all of them work well. At this point you will want to look to the left of the downloads you can choose from and looked at the colored words their.

if their Red the word will be Unstable. It means this version has something legitimately wrong with it, and you probably shouldn't use it.

If their Grey then the words are Stability Unconfirmed. This version hasn't been tested enough to see if theirs anything wrong with it, and may have issues or may not. It's mostly for debugging but you can use it if you want.

If their Green then the word is Stable. This version has been tested and runs without any major game/mod breaking errors. It's the safest option to use.


If you got to the downloads page through the Dragon Block C mod page their should be 4 download links to choose from.

If you just went to downloads then, at the time of writing this, their should be 9 to choose from. This might change the order for other mod installations but Dragon Block C is the fan favorite, so the order stays the same regardless.

The first link, is actually a link to another site. It links you to the download of the forge installer that version of the mod uses to run, and you can use it if you need to install forge.

The second link goes to the version of Jin ryuu mod core, that that version of the mod uses.

The third link goes to the version of Jin Ryuu Better Rendering Add on, that that version of the mod uses.

The fourth link goes to the version of Dragon Block C your trying to use.

You need to download all three Jin mods to run the mod (So options 2, 3, and 4). you only need the forge installer if you haven't installed a proper version of forge yet, Or want to run the EXACT version of forge that version of the mod used in development. (so option 1 is optional).


If you haven't installed Forge yet, do so, and run it once on mine craft. Then copy the three files, Jin ryuus mod core, Jin Ryuu better rendering add on, and Dragon Block C into the mods folder, in your mine craft folder (along with any other of Jinns mods you might want). That's it, your done it's installed. nice job.

Adjustable OptionsEdit

Wait before you start, it would be good to consider all the options you have for tweaking game play.

You can tweak game play by editing CFG files.... Some one should really make some pages about this so we don't have to put all the information here.

it's going to be me isn't it? Sigh fine whatever.

Character CreationEdit

To get any benefits from the mod or too get into Dragon Block Cs RPG mechanics, you first have to customize your character with Jin ryuu mod cores Character creations system. While this didn't use to be a requirement, or their wasn't even a charter creation system yet, in older version of the mod, it is now.

To do this, Press V or whatever the Data Sheet Key is set too. This will open the Character creator where you can edit your characters appearance, The bulk of that information can be found on the character creator page here.

After you finish your characters Appearance you can pick a play style. If you want to use Dragon Blocks system, As opposed to default mine crafts, or Naruto Cs, You would Select the Ki play style. and from their pick either a martial artist, Spiritualist, or the third one I forgot what it was called.... The bulk of information on thier can be found on the Dragon Block C character creation Page Here.

After that you have to finalize you character and your in, you can now reap the benefits of the mod. You will know that you have successfully made your character when pressing V or whatever the Data Sheet Key is assigned too brings up your characters information, as opposed to the character creation menu.

Leveling upEdit

this is a mod about DRAGON BALL! What did you think their wasn't going to be any TRAINING! WRONG! Theirs going to be LOTS of training, and it starts NOW!



Ok that was fun. but on a more serious note, after creating your character you have officially entered into the mod, and can now start leveling up your character. To do this you need to collect TP.

TP stands for TRAINING! points.

How do you get training points?! Uhh... well you see... NOTE: Re-research how EXP/ TP work in this mod, find all pages referencing this and consolidate information.

While I currently don't have an exact method, Short answer is PUNCH STUFF!

For every time you punch something, while your ki is charged, your EXP goes up one, and for every 10 EXP you get one TP. At least that's how I remember it working.

Attacking entities with default mine craft tools, swords, or bows gets you nothing.

Attacking with Dragon Block C swords gets you either 0 EXP or intermittently 1 EXP.

and Attacking with Ki attacks gets you a random amount of EXP.

For this straight up, 1 for 1, method of getting EXP. a reasonable strategy is when you get to the point where you can one shot most Mine craft mobs, is to fight on lower then an optimal percent of your power. that way you hits are weaker, it takes more hits to beat the mob, you get more TP.

And you may be wondering why teaching you this stuff before even teaching you how to increasing the percent of powering your using. It's because the stuff above and below this are CERTAINLY good to know. But leveling up Quickly becomes your raison d'etre in this mod. You level up, to get more TP, to spend it on stats, Abilities, or Ki attacks. To get stronger, and advance in the mod. Remembering how this works and why your doing it can be immensely important in the mod so we bring it up early.

So remember to PUNCH EVERYTHING!


Yeah I gota update the controls page.... SIghhhhhh.

Getting EquipmentEdit

Well hasn't this been a fun few minutes, You've installed the mod, made a character, have learned the importance of leveling, and have learned to move aronud.

Though if where being totally honest, unless you used your default mine craft skin in the character creator, your a giant, muscle bound, probably alien in their under ware,


Dragon Block C adds 3, technically 4 kinds of new equipment.

Gi's: Which function as low DEF armor, but Super stylish cloths, straight out of the anime. Their made from Wool.

Battle armor :The harder more durable option of the mod. In some cases it can have as much DEF as diamond armor, but it degrades at a much faster rate. Their made form Warenai crystals.

And while scouters are supposed to serve as Helmets for the sayin Armor, Some people would rather Hold them apart, since they have more functions, like tracking and measuring power levels.

Body suits are a possibly yet unimplemented part of the mod, for while they function properly and are obtainable i creative, I'm not sure if they have a recipe yet. Their Color able with Dye, and Can go under Gi's, sayin armor, or defult mine craft armor, and are mostly used to cover up areas that may have been left blank by the gis. Such as the classics Future trunks shirt issue...... I should probably make a page on them...

If your looking for Gi's one way is to get white wool and then color it to the color needed for the gi your trying to make. but a more effective strategy might be to make a sheep farm, and color the sheep with dye. That way they'll all ways produce the color wool you need and you only need the dye once. Or more then once if you want to color more sheep, depends how fast you go through Gis. Make sure too keep 2 white sheep around if you ever need a different color of wool, since breeding two dyed sheep, or a dyed sheep and a white sheep will usually produce another dyed sheep.

if your looking for Armor, Warenai Ore Spawn similarly too Iron, and will spawn in DBC biomes.

Get a food sourceEdit

It's funny that I just remembered how much they are in the anime, Cus it's a game mechanic! You can eat after you've filled up your hunger meter to get back Health and Ki. if your hunger meter starts to dip so will your abilities, and you can STARVE TO DEATH!

Yeah Probably should have lead with that.

Due to the way that Dragon Block mod messes with the health system, Having you Hunger meter at 0 for too long WILL LITERALLY KILL YOU. So locking down a food supply will help you in the long, and short run.

all the default mine craft option still work, in fact Dragon Block doesn't add many options for food. You could get a senzu bean from Korin once a day, or kill dinosaurs for their meat and cook it. but other wise this is a default mine craft issue.

Dealing with the re spawn systemEdit

You have food, EXP, and PANTS! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! Opps you died.

This is a video game, an that's bound to happen. It's no big deal, wouldn't be a very fun game if their was no challenge. but the way you re spawn might be a bit of a challenge.

Upon death you will wake up in Other World, the after life in the Dragon ball series and this mod. When you arrive you will be at the Check-In Station, the place where king Yemma judges the souls of the newly dead and decides whether they go to heaven or hell. WELLL that's how it works in the anime, All that happens here is you can explore some Empty rooms and Talk to King yemma.

Talking to king Yemmaa yields a few options. In earlier versions of the game, He would revive you to the Mine craft over world for free. In more recent versions their are two ways of getting back to the over world, Reincarnation, and revival.


With the reincarnation system, You can re spawn to the over world from the second you wake up in Other world, No wait time required. However you do have to pay two prices, your identity, and your memories (this is a dramatic way of dissecting information, it's just to sort things better).

When you lose your identity, your created character is reset. Not to say you lost all your options however! when you get back to the Mine craft Over world, and open the character creator again, all the Visual options you selected will still be the same, down to skin and hair color. However the power type, and sub power type if applicable, you selected my not be. So you have to watch out when picking a power type to make sure you're the correct sub type, Such as a martial artists and not a spiritualist. OR even more so, that your till using the KI power type and not the neutral one, Or Chakra, unless you wanted to change of course.

When you lose your memories, You lose all the abilities and Ki attacks you'd learned thus far. Even race related ones will be reset back to 0. You also lose a percent of your abilities. I personally don't remember if the percent is based of the number you... Put into it? Or the... number it is? (We should really re-do the stats page and make some finite lingo for this.) But the percent you get to keep is decided in the Dragon Block CFG. It can also be set to 100 o all you lose is abilities.

Interesting side note, if you set the amount of Skills you get to keep in the CFG to 0% it turns off the ability to reincarnate at all.


Reviving is a less complicated way of getting back to the Minecraft Overworld but it can be more time consuming. When you revive you go back to the Mine craft Over world, no strings attached. You don't lose skill points, you keep all your abilities, you dont even have to reinstate your character.

BUT you do have to wait a certain amount of time to revive. By default you have to wait 5 minutes to revive and the MINIMUM you can set it too is one minute. The maximum can go very high but all that information is in the Dragon block C CFG.

This system can also be turned off in the CFG, though I'm not sure what happens if you turn them both off....

Going to the Other world IN OF ITSELF can be turned off in the dragon Block CFG, but unless you die to go their when it's on and setup a teleporter like from the Mine stuck, Star gate, or custom NPC's mod you won't be able to get their. ... WELL actually maybe you could with a command block, is their a command to switch Dimensions?

Not being able to go their though presents a problem as you lose access to the other things in Other world. Which we can get to now.

While you can't get SENT to hell, you can just fall into it. The nether world, is the area under the clouds surrounding the check-in station, and filling the rest of Other world. if you fall in the are will be populated with special NPCS and their will be special ores and materials their.

The only way out of the nether world is to fly out, or if you don't have the fly skill, you have to look for a break in the clouds and build up to it, then build a bridge from their to either of the two places in Other world that actually function as ground, the Check in station or Snake way.

Also behind the Check-In Station is Snake way. Snake way, is described as a roughly million kilometer long road in the Dragon ball franchise, in the mod it usually runs around 3,000 blocks long. Its purpose is for players to travel on it to get to King kais domain.

King kais planet, is a group of blocks high above Snake way. the only way to get their is to either have the fly ability equipped, Or to fall into the nether world, and build your way up to Kin kais planet. Once their you can use the area like the hyperbolic time chamber, due to it's increased gravity, and can also speak with king kai for training.

Seeking guidanceEdit

Stuff about trainers an NPCS.

Spending your TPEdit

stuff about using Training points to buy stuff.

Gather the dragon blocksEdit

Abotu collecting and using the dragon blocks.

Setting off on your adventureEdit

Explaining story mode and side missions and groups.

This whole Dragon Block wiki is incredibly bare-bones. You cannot find one complete and coherent wiki page here that succeeds in describing a game feature, and don't even get me started on the absolutely horrible, broken english of the contributors. There are not enough entries and when you find an entry about what you are looking for, it's either very incomplete or lacking, gramatically nonsensical, or both.

The current state of this wiki is so sad that it's hilarious at the same time. Seriously, up your wiki game, contributors.