Icon of a Warenai Crystal.

Warenai Crystals are a crafting item commonly found throughout all the planets and the overworld. They are used to craft a lot of the armor and technology of Dragon Block C.

Obtaining Edit

Warenai crystals can be obtained in two ways:

Warenai crystals can be harvested from Warenai ore using any vanilla pickaxe. The ore only yields one crystal per ore block; a Fortune enchantment does not alter the amount. Like other gems, if a pickaxe with a Silk Touch enchantment is used to obtain the ore, a Warenai ore block is dropped, which can be smelted into one Warenai crystal per ore block.

Warenai crystals can also be wished for from both Shenron and Porunga. Shenron will give the player three Warenai crystals per wish, whilst Porunga will give nine crystals.

Crafting Edit

Battle Armor Torso: Edit

Battle amor torso

Battle Armor Leggings: Edit

Battle armor leggings

Battle Armor Boots: Edit

Battle armor boots

Dragon Radar: Edit

Dragon radar

Tech Chip Tier 1: Edit

Teri 1 chip

Space Pod: Edit

Space pod recepie

Yellow Scouter Edit

Red Scouter Tier 1: Edit

Red scouter teri 1

Purple Scouter Tier 1: Edit

Purple scouter teir 1

Blue Scouter Tier 1: Edit

Blue svouter teir

Green Scouter Tier 1: Edit

Green scouter tier 1

Pink Scouter Tier 1: Edit

Pink scouter teris 1